Legal body

The Foundation’s legal body is the Board of Trustees. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

Arjan van Eersel Member / Chairman
Rositsa van Eersel Member / Vice-Chair

Internal bodies

The Foundation has the following internal bodes:

  • Commissions
    Commissions are delegations involved in decision taking within the scope of their objects. They are created and supervised by the Board of Trustees and have their own rules related to their inner working and membership.
  • Work groups
    Work groups are groups of people involved with specific tasks and are organized in a less formal way than commissions. Work groups are created and supervised by one or more commissions.A software project is a special kind of work group involved in the creation or management of a free or open source software project.

Software Projects Commission

The Software Projects Commission is responsible for the creation, governance and support of software projects executed under the umbrella of the Foundation.

Community Support Commission

The Community Support Commission is responsible for the support of open source communities and other community based software initiatives.

Self-Sovereign Identity work group

The Self-Sovereign Identity work group is a community involved in researching the feasibility, as well as the economical, political and social opportunities and challenges to create a European Identity which goes way beyond the physical documents citizens are holding, but instead a European Self-Sovereign Identity based upon blockchain technology, open standards and open source software, such as Sovrin and Hyperledger Indy.

Sovrin Bulgaria meetup

The Sovrin Bulgaria meetup is organized regularly as a platform for Self-Sovereign Identity with the Sovrin Network. This meetup is a non-technical meetup, but meant to discuss the many possibilities of Self-Sovereign Identity and to connect all parties involved, such as government representatives, NGOs, companies and all other parties interested.

Technical discussions about Hyperledger Indy are offered via the Hyperledger Sofia and Hyperledger Plovdiv meetups of which the Foundation is also a community partner.

Hyperledger work group

The Hyperledger work group supports the Hyperledger projects and organizes / supports the Hyperledger Sofia and Hyperledger Plovdiv meetups.

Events Commission

The Events Commission takes care of the organisation of events hosted by the Foundation and participation in events supported by the Foundation.

Certification Standards Commission

The Certification Standard Commission determines the standards for certification/examination for educational partners effectuating course programs for the software projects hosted under the Foundation.